Once upon a time, not that long ago...  

A lady-tribe was born, without us knowing we were 6 girls rocking records in different girl-rooms, crushing on the same Jagger and like a true teenage rebel toasting with an underage beer.  

 Growing up with a Woodstock sprit - ripped denim, vintage shopping, tattoos and old records has always been a part of our everyday life. Fashion is a lifestyle and a passion, and this time it brought us 6 together. Although we might be in our 30’s we still have that bad kid rocking within. There's always a time and place for right or wrong but like our past will never change, why should our style.  

We finally got the band together and are now launching our own webshop, BAD KIDDS +++.  

We want to share a style and mindset of independence and confidence, be a flower forever in bloom.   


Welcome you to the tribe!

Cheers with sparkles,

The Bad Kidds

We are based in Sweden Gothenburg